Do you need to market your products or services to the Italian market? Do you need to communicate with your Italian clients? As a native Italian translator with qualifications and experience, I'm your person!

You can trust me with your personal or business documents as I guarantee a professional, reliable and accurate work. I've been helping companies and private clients with their English-Italian project for years now. With my skill set, up-to-date CAT tools (MemoQ, Memsource and Smartcat) and continuing professional development, you'll get top quality translations.

I always take courses and seminars to keep up to date on translation theory and techniques and linguistic trends.


If you have a video which needs Italian subtitles, I can help you. I provide subtitling services for International film festivals, corporate clients, film distributors and streaming platforms.

I work with any format that you might need and content. I can manage time-coding, spotting and subtitling on many softwares (Aegisub, Subtitle Edit, VisualSubSync, Subtitle Workshop) and platforms (OOOna Tools).

I'm mostly familiar with Netflix and Disney guidelines.


I provide several types of dubbing script adaptation services (lip-synch, simil-synch, voice over) for a variety of products, such as films, TV series, documentaries and corporate videos.

Thanks to my experience, I have mastered the knowledge of AVT techniques and lexicon, acting and prosody, and the ability to read and interpret images, dialogues and body language.


I offer video game localization services that can help creators and studios localize their work, expanding their market abroad and reaching a broader audience. I'll ensure that a game's content is culturally appropriate for the Italian market, so that players can better understand the story, characters and gameplay mechanics.

I can also take care of the marketing and advertising materials for a game, such as trailers, posts and posters, to fit the linguistic and cultural needs of the Italian audience.


If you have a text which has already been translated into Italian - by a person or a machine - and want it to be checked for correctness and accuracy, I can help you. Having a sharp eye for details, I will proofread your material to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure, fix inconsistencies and make sure that your text is polished, flawless and ready for use or publication.

If necessary, I can also edit the text by rephrasing and rewriting it to adjust register and style, make it more natural-sounding, improve its overall quality and make it more appealing to your target audience.